Google Penalize Non Mobile Friendly Websites

We have all been there…..

When you are browsing through your Facebook news feed or your latest tweets, and you come across a post that you just have to read. You click through to read more with great excitement, but instead are met with small text, scrambled images, poor navigation and endless amounts of scrolling and zooming in and out! What do you do next? Click off the site and go straight back to your news feed! As a business owner and web developer you can not let this happen.

Add this in to the mix with Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm and you could find yourself in Mobilegeddon!!

If you haven’t heard yet, Google are now demoting websites in mobile search results pages that are not mobile-friendly. And with mobile searches set to overtake desktop searches for the first time this year, maintaining a high ranking in mobile search results pages is crucial.

You can find out more about Googles mobile friendly criteria and best practices here.

If you would like to find out if your website is mobile friendly or not go to this page Googles Mobile Friendly Test. Here you will can enter your domain URL and it will give you the results instantly.

What to do if your website isn’t mobile friendly?

Well don’t panic, there are multiple ways to optimise your website for mobile devices.

Responsive – The page URL, HTML, Images, everything remains the same. But the CSS gives out different rules based on browser width

RESS/Adaptive/Dynamic Serving – The URL remains exactly the same, but the server will determine what type of device is requesting the page and send the relevant HTML and CSS

Separate Mobile Site – This type of website is usually hosted on a subdomain or alternatively a subfolder How this works is based on user agent and dynamic serving, this means you keep the same URLS for the mobile and desktop sites and simply serve different HTML. If the mobile site uses the different URLs, they are often kept parallel for example and this keeps redirects smooth based on their user agent.

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