UK Money Man Ltd

What Was Required

UK Money Man where looking for a local SEO company who could improve the rankings of their websites for specific local search terms. As well SEO our client wanted to set up a Google Adwords PPC campaign.

What We Did

We advised on what website changes needed to be carried out to help us with our campaign. And discussed with the client the search terms to be optimised. After the on site changes where made we started to implement our SEO campaign across their websites.

Whilst SEO was ongoing we created our clients PPC account.

What We Achieved

We achieved on both websites a top 3 Google ranking for the search terms optimised. Our client then came to us with an additional 4 websites to optimise, all of which are now running with a top 3 Google ranking.

Running alongside the search engine optimisation we have set up a Google Adwords campaign. The campaign has been very successful in capturing those specific search terms that we haven’t optimised.

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